How does Ubiquo boost your business?

Transforming digital solutions into tangible benefits is our job

Until today, key players in our industry have provided different answers to different issues. For example: remote assistance to solve an unforeseen breakdown, data analysis to indicate a better way of optimising lacquer consumption, software tools enabling production line simulation, VR visors to help train staff. UBIQUO inverts the point of view. It’s the customer’s point of view, looking at how to be more efficient, how to be more competitive, how to make more money.

UBIQUO is a carefully selected combination of service packs and software solutions designed to enhance your business by acting on all its aspects with a tailored mix of expert consultancy and digital tools. A 360° package devoted to efficiency, reliability, competence, predictability etc. Conceived with an aim to answering a real business need with a concrete benefit in order to improve a customer’s profits.

Digital technologies open the doors to countless opportunities

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